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Employment Law and Sick Days, Vacation Time, and PTO in Florida

By Kelly Chanfrau, Esq. on April 28, 2019

Statue of lady justiceMany of us have perks at our job that make them worthwhile. We can often take things like paid leave for granted, at least until we’re deprived of these perks. If your employer promised you certain benefits but have taken them away from you, the Daytona Beach, FL workplace law attorneys at Chanfrau & Chanfrau can help.

Right now, we would like to consider employment law disputes over sick days, vacation time, and paid time off (PTO). We’ll go over any state and federal laws regarding paid leave, and then turn our attention to your employer’s legal obligations given what is specified in your employment contract.

Are There Florida Laws About Paid Time Off?

There are no state laws in Florida that apply to mandatory sick days, vacation time, or paid time off. Yet even if there is no state law mandating these practices, many employers offer these benefits to their employees.

With this in mind, if an employer grants employees sick days, vacation, and/or PTO, the employer will have a legal obligation to provide these benefits.

Are There Federal Laws About Vacation Leave?

When there are no state laws on employment practices, employers must observe any federal statutes on the matter. Interestingly enough, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not mandate sick time, vacations, or PTO. These benefits are left to the employer to figure out. Again, if an employer grants its employees these benefits, they will have a legal obligation to provide them.

Looking at the Details of Your Employee Contract

As we’ve noted twice already, even though there are no mandatory paid leave laws, employers who grant these benefits must still provide them to all of their employees. Failure to do so is considered a breach of contract.

If you have been denied sick days, vacation, or any sort of paid leave, it’s important to review your employment contract regarding these matters.

Holding Employers Accountable for What Is in the Contract

If you have been granted sick days, vacation time, and PTO in your employment contract yet have been denied those benefits, be sure to point out the stipulations in your employment contract to your supervisor or to the HR department. Bringing up these matters can help ensure your benefits are granted to you.

When your employer continues to refuse you your employment benefits despite your legitimate claim to them, it’s important to speak with our law firm about your legal options.

How Our Employment Lawyers Can Help

Employment law matters can be difficult to handle on your own. Specific language in contracts can be parsed into abstraction, and chances are your employer will do anything they can to deny your your benefits even if you have a legitimate legal claim to them.

Our lawyers will help fight for the paid leave that you are entitled to, seeking damages to cover the amount of leave you deserve and to cover associated expenses related to your lost PTO. We are here to offer you our support and experienced, and to not back down.

Learn More About Your Rights at Work

For more information about your legal rights and options following a violation of your value and importance as a worker, contact our team of employment law and workplace rights attorneys. The Chanfrau & Chanfrau team is here to aid mistreated employees. You can reach our law firm by phone at (866) 610-0653.

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