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What Time of Day or Year Are Car Accidents Most Common?

Car accidents can be more likely on certain days, certain hours of the day, and even during certain times of the year. Our lawyers consider…

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jun 13, 2019

Adoption and FMLA

The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 covers adoptive and foster parents bonding with their child. Our law firm considers the importance of the FMLA.

Kelly Chanfrau, Esq. May 28, 2019

Quid Pro Quo vs. Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo sexual harassment differs from hostile work environments with inappropriate actions. Our employment law attorneys contrast and compare.

Kelly Chanfrau, Esq. May 23, 2019

How Many Car Accidents Will an Average Person Have in a Lifetime?

The average person will get into car accidents multiple times in their life. Our attorneys discuss the number and what it means for drivers.

William Chanfrau, Jr. May 18, 2019

The Most Common Causes of Car Accident Fatalities in Florida in 2017

In this blog post, the attorneys of Chanfrau & Chanfrau present statistics regarding the most common causes of car accident fatalities in Florida.

William Chanfrau, Jr. May 14, 2019

Employment Law and Sick Days, Vacation Time, and PTO in Florida

Our Florida employment law attorneys look at state and federal statutes on sick days, vacation time, and PTO. We then consider legal options if you’re…

Kelly Chanfrau, Esq. Apr 28, 2019

Passenger Car Accident Lawsuits

Passengers in commuter vehicles and other types of transportation can file lawsuits against negligent parties. Our attorneys can help you with these legal matters.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Apr 22, 2019

Brain Injury After a Fall

Falls can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can have long-lasting effects on your mental and physiological health. Our attorneys consider your legal…

William Chanfrau, Jr. Apr 17, 2019

Employment Break Laws in Florida

Florida has only a handful of meal and break statutes, which is why federal labor laws are followed in the state. Our employment lawyers consider…

Kelly Chanfrau, Esq. Apr 13, 2019

Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Can You Take Legal Action?

Discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal, and you may be entitled to compensation if your rights have been denied.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Mar 28, 2019

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