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Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents Caused by Broken Handrails

The attorneys of Chanfrau & Chanfrau help victims in slip and fall accidents caused by broken handrails pursue maximum compensation for their injuries.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 29, 2017

Uneven Floors Can Lead to Slip and Fall Accidents

Uneven floors can make slip, trip, and fall accidents more likely. The lawyers at Chanfrau & Chanfrau can help with a premises liability lawsuit.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 14, 2017

Lack of Security Cameras: Keeping People Safe

A lack of security cameras can lead to serious safety concerns. Our premises liability lawyers consider the issue in more detail.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Oct 28, 2016

Lack of Guards and Security: Potential Premises Liability Lawsuit

When there is a lack of security at a business, this could be a potential cause for a premises liability lawsuit. Let's note the importance…

William Chanfrau, Jr. Oct 26, 2016

Premises Liability Cases Involving Workers’ Compensation

Under certain circumstances, you may be able to file a premises liability claim and still receive workers’ compensation benefits. Find out how.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Aug 16, 2016

Injuries Can Occur Anywhere: Premises Liability Lawsuits and Bars

Premises liability lawsuits over injuries at bars and lounges will help victims of accidents receive damages for sustaining harm.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 30, 2016

What Legal Damages Can Be Sought in Toxic Mold Cases?

When a premises liability lawsuit is filed over toxic mold, legal damages can cover medical expenses and other hardships endured.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 25, 2016

Commercial Premises Liability Cases: Understanding Your Legal Options

If you are injured at a commercial property due to negligence, the owner should be held accountable through a premises liability lawsuit.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 20, 2016

Lead Poisoning Can Cause Major Harm to Children

Lead poisoning and children was brought back to the headlines because of Flint, Michigan, but it's a problem across the United States.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jun 24, 2016

Dog Bite Lawsuits: Strict Liability vs. Premises Liability

An attorney experienced with Florida’s dog bite laws can help you understand your rights and be awarded the maximum allowed value for your case.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Nov 23, 2015

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