Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used as Evidence in Car Accident Lawsuits? By Chanfrau & Chanfrau on December 18, 2023

Aftermath of a front-end auto accident

If you were in a car accident in Ormond Beach, you may wonder what your legal options are. You'll want to document the crash and get contact information from the other driver and any witnesses. If you happen to have a dashboard camera in your car, that footage may also come in handy.

Our collision lawyers in Daytona Beach and Palm Coast, FL, also serving Ormond Beach, receive many questions about car accidents and admissible evidence. We'd like to focus on dash cams and their use in accident cases. This could even motivate some readers to purchase a dash camera just in case.

First Off, Is It Legal to Have a Dash Cam in Florida?

Yes, though the camera cannot obstruct the driver's view, take up too much space on the windshield, or interfere with the ability of the driver to control the vehicle.

This is noted in FL Stat § 316.2004, which went into law in 2017.

Yes, Dashboard Camera Videos Can Be Used as Evidence

For anyone who has a dashboard camera, the footage you capture can potentially be used as evidence in a crash case. Law enforcement and accident investigators can use the video from the dash cam to help reconstruct the accident.

If you were in a collision and have dash cam footage of the crash, we would like to hear from you. We can review what happened during the accident and give you advice on what steps you need to take next. Contacting us as soon as possible means you'll increase your chances of quickly recouping cash to cover medical bills or property damage related to your accident.


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The Importance of Dash Cams in Crash Cases

While dash cam footage isn't the be-all and end-all of evidence, it can play an important role during the auto accident claim process. Let's note some important factors.

Provides Recorded Evidence of the Crash

Footage of the crash means there is actual recorded evidence of the injury accident in Ormond Beach. This can be particularly helpful in identifying the potential cause or causes of a collision. Sometimes the view from the windshield can show someone speeding, swerving, or making poor decisions while they are operating a vehicle.

Video of the Collisions From Another Angle

There are usually cameras at busy intersections that can capture the moment of a crash. Footage from nearby buildings and businesses can also help provide views of an accident. Think of the dash cam footage as another angle of the accident. Combining and comparing video footage can provide law enforcement, investigators, lawyers, and insurance representatives with a better understanding of what happened.

Footage Can Corroborate or Refute Witness Testimony

Witness accounts can be a powerful part of your case. Footage from a dash camera can back up claims from an eyewitness, giving their account greater weight in the eyes of a jury and when considered by insurance companies and opposing legal counsel.

Conversely, dashboard footage can also be used to dispute claims made by a defendant and their witnesses. The video could tell a much different story than a witness does. Footage is also often more objective and not subject to biases or lapses in memory.

Create a Comprehensive View of the Crash

By combining dash cam footage, witness testimony, other documentary evidence, and accident reconstruction techniques, it's possible to get a much more complete understanding of what happened in your Ormond Beach auto accident. This can help determine liability and aid in tabulating damages.

Deployed airbag inside of vehicle after a wreck

Can Dash Cam Footage Wind Up Hurting My Case?

Yes, the footage you captured could actually undermine your injury claim. In these incidents, the footage would show that you were liable for the collision.

For example, the dash cam footage could show that you ran a red light or ignored a stop sign directly before the collision occurred. Video from a dashboard camera could also show reckless behavior on your part while the other driver was driving normally.

How Will an Attorney Use the Dash Cam Footage?

Since crashes and their causes vary, your car accident lawyer can use the dashboard footage in a variety of ways.

Help Determine Who Was at Fault

When filing a car accident lawsuit, your lawyer will review all available evidence to construct a strong case for you. The footage of the Ormond Beach car crash might demonstrate that the at-fault driver sped into an intersection, resulting in a t-bone crash.

In the case of a hit-and-run wrongful death lawsuit, the footage may be key evidence in establishing who caused the fatal crash and identifying the driver who fled the scene of an accident.

Establishing Third-Party Liability

In addition to holding drivers accountable, your attorney may be able to determine if third-party liability comes into play.

For example, say that a faulty tire was the reason you rear-ended a driver in front of you. Dash cam video might catch the moment of tire failure before the rear-end collision happened, which is crucial evidence when filing a product liability claim for defective auto parts.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You

There are three compelling reasons you should contact Chanfrau & Chanfrau about your car accident.

1. Free Consultations

Our Daytona Beach law office and our Palm Coast law office both offer free legal consultations. That means you do not have to pay anything to discuss your accident with a qualified injury lawyer.

2. Contingency Fee Representation

In addition to free case reviews, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. In simple terms, that means you don't have to pay us anything until we successfully resolve your case.

That's right, you owe us nothing unless we can negotiate a settlement or win damages in court.

There is no obligation or retainer fee required to receive quality legal representation.

3. Multiple Decades in Legal Practice

The Chanfrau family has been part of Central Florida's legal history for four generations spanning almost 90 years. My great-grandmother began this tradition in 1936 when she became the first female court reporter in the state of Florida.

Over the years, this law firm has built a strong record of successful verdicts and favorable pre-trial settlements. We hope to continue this long history of excellence well into the future.

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