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Passenger Car Accident Lawsuits

By William Chanfrau, Jr. on April 22, 2019

Aftermath of a T-bone auto accidentWhen we think of auto accident lawsuits, we often think about drivers filing lawsuits against other drivers. This makes sense since the person behind the wheel tends to be the person in control at the time of an accident. Yet there are numerous cases in which the driver is not the only person entitled to filing a lawsuit.

The Daytona Beach, FL auto accident attorneys of Chanfrau & Chanfrau have helped countless victims of car accidents file lawsuits against negligent parties. We’d like to consider the legal rights of passengers in auto accidents.

Can the Passengers of Vehicles File Injury Lawsuits?


Passengers have legal rights and options just like motorists in a crash. In fact, a surviving passenger in a fatal collision may be the person who files a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent motorist.

There are different situations in which a passenger may file an accident lawsuit. Let’s cover a few of these incidents in brief below.

Taxi and Uber/Lyft Passenger Lawsuits

If you are a passenger in a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or other car service, you can take legal action against a negligent party who caused or contributed to an accident. This means motorists who collided with the vehicle you were in or the driver of the vehicle you were in.

Public Transportation Passenger Lawsuits

People in buses at the time of an accident may have legal recourse against the city’s transit authority, the driver of the bus, or other parties who caused a collision. These lawsuits may become more complicated if the hiring practices or decisions of the transit authority are called into question.

Passenger Lawsuits in Multi-Car Crashes

In multi-vehicle accidents, passengers have a number of options for filing legal actions. Just like other motorists in the multi-car collision, negligence could be shared by multiple parties.

Passenger Lawsuits in Single-Car Crashes

In single-car accidents, a passenger may file a lawsuit against negligent parties who may have caused an accident. This may mean vehicle manufacturers in cases of brake defects or vehicle defects. The lawsuit could also be against the driver of the vehicle if they acted negligently while behind the wheel.

What If a Passenger Is Related to a Negligent Driver?

When the passenger of a vehicle is related to a negligent or reckless driver in a crash, filing a lawsuit is usually not an option. In these cases, the vehicle passenger is covered by the driver’s insurance. Going over your case, an attorney can determine if your case is an exception.

Establishing Liability in an Auto Accident

As with all other kinds of collision litigation, it’s important to establish liability in the crash. During a legal consultation, your attorney can go over all of the available evidence and determine if it shows negligence on the part of another party or multiple parties. From there, your attorney can build a strong case and help you seek damages from that party.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal rights in an auto accident lawsuit, be sure to contact a skilled personal injury lawyer. The team at Chanfrau & Chanfrau is here to help. You can reach our law office by phone at (866) 610-0653.

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