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Boat Accidents and Swimmer Injury Can Be Caused by Lack of Proper Lookout

By William Chanfrau, Jr. on May 22, 2016

A motorboat on the waterThere may not be lines and lanes on the water, but that doesn't mean it's a place without law and order. The lawyers of Chanfrau & Chanfrau always stress this to clients in the greater Daytona Beach area, especially when summer comes along and many people take to the beaches. Boating accidents along Florida beaches can cause serious injuries and even cost people their lives. Thankfully there are advocates who will fight on your behalf, like those at our firm.

Inattentive drivers can cause many injuries on the land, and a similar lack of attention on the water can be just as costly. Let's consider these kinds of maritime laws right now.

Boat Accidents Should Never Be Taken Lightly

If you are in a boat and are struck by an inattentive person in a boat while you are swimming or just out in the water, this can lead to serious injuries. In some cases, such injuries may prove fatal. This is why we always take nautical accidents and accidents on the water very seriously.

What It Means to Maintain a Proper Lookout

Maintaining a proper lookout means that the operator or operators of a vessel should have the ability to monitor circumstances and conditions at all times while on the water. This means through sight, hearing, and any other appropriate and available means.

In essence, to maintain a proper lookout means to pay attention while you are on the water in order to avoid collisions with other boats or causing injuries to swimmers in the area.

Keeping a Lookout for Other Boats and Vessels

Keeping a lookout for boats and other vessels on the water tends to be easy, relatively speaking. Large boats and other kinds of water vessels are typically easy to identify at a distance. Even kayaks, rowboats, motorboats, and jet skis can be noticed so long as people on the boat are being attentive; this is especially true of motorboats and jet skis given the motors that are onboard and the sounds that they make.

Keeping a Lookout for Swimmers and Individuals

Noticing swimmers, snorkelers, scuba divers, and other individuals on the water can prove much more challenging. Yet despite the challenges involved, it is of the utmost importance that people on the boat remain as attentive as possible, avoiding shallow areas where people may be known to swim, and being extra cautious around any high-traffic areas for swimmers and divers.

If you are operating a speedboat or a motorboat, it is especially important to slow down in areas that are known to be full of swimmers, and possibly even cut the motor to avoid injuries from the rotors. Failure to do so can lead to serious harm and the loss of life.

How an Attorney Can Help You

People who have been injured in a boat accident can rely on our team of attorneys to provide expert legal counsel and advice. We will fight diligently for you and your legal rights, helping ensure that justice is served and negligent boaters and people operating water vehicle are held accountable.

Learn More About Boat Accident Lawsuits

For more information about boat accidents and how our team can help you in your time of legal need, be sure to contact our team of personal injury attorneys today. The lawyers of Chanfrau & Chanfrau will work with you and fight diligently for damages.

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