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Defective Auto Parts

Sometimes the cause of a car accident is found to be defective auto parts, such as a faulty tire that blows out or an airbag that inflates without cause. Instead of protecting occupants in a collision, a car or truck may be found to have contributed to passenger injury. The seat belts and airbags meant to increase safety sometimes malfunction or a door may open upon impact. In the case of a rollover accident, a car roof may not perform as expected, caving in where it should have withstood the blow. There have also been well-publicized cases of explosions due to improper placement of a fuel tank. If you are involved in an accident that may have been aggravated by defective auto parts, contact Chanfrau & Chanfrau.

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Adulterated Foods

Product recalls warn consumers not to eat food they may have purchased from a grocery chain. If this is the case, the item is quickly removed from the shelves and most of us are untouched by the event. However, a food recall usually takes place because there are people who have been sickened or even lost their lives after ingesting tainted food. The legal definition of adulterated food is "impure, unsafe, or unwholesome," and a business that produces this food for human consumption is liable to civil action. If you or a loved one have fallen victim to food poisoning or been harmed by a food product discovered to be dangerous, it is imperative to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

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Defective Toys

Every year, countless babies, toddlers, and children are injured due to defective toys and infant products. When numerous youngsters are harmed by a particular product, a recall may occur, but some families may have already suffered an injury or devastating loss. Frequent causes of toy-related injury are parts that come loose and are put in a young child's mouth, causing choking. Loose cords may wrap around small necks or an electronic toy will sometimes overheat or explode. Baby products such as cribs and strollers are implicated in injuries and deaths as well. If your family is impacted by a dangerous, defective toy, you deserve justice and compensation.

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Defective Products

When we purchase products from a reputable store, we expect them to be safe and free from defect. That is usually the case, but sometimes a faulty product causes serious harm. Nearly any product that is purchased by a consumer can be the subject of a product liability case if negligence causes injury or wrongful death. Common examples include tools, sporting equipment, and appliances. Negligence can be found in a product's design, manufacturing, or marketing, and it is a personal injury lawyer's job to investigate these potential cases thoroughly to determine liability. Chanfrau & Chanfrau has years of experience with product liability, and offers prospective clients a free consultation.

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