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Legal Help for Minimum Wage and Hourly Pay Disputes

Legal disputes over minimum wage, hourly rates, and fair pay require a skilled lawyer familiar with employment law and labor statutes.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Aug 17, 2016

Premises Liability Cases Involving Workers’ Compensation

Under certain circumstances, you may be able to file a premises liability claim and still receive workers’ compensation benefits. Find out how.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Aug 16, 2016

Injuries Can Occur Anywhere: Premises Liability Lawsuits and Bars

Premises liability lawsuits over injuries at bars and lounges will help victims of accidents receive damages for sustaining harm.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 30, 2016

What Legal Damages Can Be Sought in Toxic Mold Cases?

When a premises liability lawsuit is filed over toxic mold, legal damages can cover medical expenses and other hardships endured.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 25, 2016

Commercial Premises Liability Cases: Understanding Your Legal Options

If you are injured at a commercial property due to negligence, the owner should be held accountable through a premises liability lawsuit.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 20, 2016

Child Injuries and Auto Accidents

If your child has been injured or killed in an auto accident, we are truly sorry. We invite you to read about how we can…

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jul 15, 2016

Falling Objects Can Seriously Harm Your Child

Falling objects of various kinds can serious harm your child. It's important to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer following such incidents.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jun 29, 2016

Lead Poisoning Can Cause Major Harm to Children

Lead poisoning and children was brought back to the headlines because of Flint, Michigan, but it's a problem across the United States.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jun 24, 2016

Orlando Alligator Attack - My Opinion

All of us at here at Chanfrau and Chanfrau are sickened by the tragic death of 2 year old, Lane Graves, who died as a…

Kelly Chanfrau, Esq. Jun 22, 2016

Bicycle Accidents Can Lead to Major Injuries Affecting Your Child

If your child is injured while riding his or her bike, the injuries can potentially be severe. Let's look at these incidents.

William Chanfrau, Jr. Jun 19, 2016

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